Professional Photographers and Their Visual Journey

A Father and His Daughter
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Photography As An Art

Many see photography as an art, others will argue it’s a skill trade and not art—personally professional photography is a genre in the arts and if anyone disagrees, then I just ask one simple thing, “Can you create a masterpiece with a wrench?” According to Wikipedia,... read more

A Photographer’s Advice for a Potential Model

As a professional photographer of female models for almost four decades I’m often asked to provide advice for a model based on someone’s idea she has the “look.” These requests come in all shapes, sizes and forms, usually from a relative or... read more

What Defines a Professional Photographer?

I’ve been fairly active recently on Quora answering questions in photography and yesterday I answered the question, “What defines a professional photographer?” However, before I answered it, I glanced at seven answers by other people, including professional... read more

Three Elements of Great Photographers

I recently answered a question on what makes a great photographer. Though the question itself is a little ambiguous because it wasn’t specific to any genre of photography, or if the individual asking was referring to the business or  the artistic side of photography,... read more

Love For Photography From A Drink On A Stick

Who would have ever thought that a “drink on a stick” would initiate my never-ending love for photography at the young age of nine, and would take the lead in my life’s journey? Yes, it started in the summer of 71’ on a typical hot Texas day in early June as I enjoyed... read more

Eight Travel Photography Tips

As a photographer and a photojournalist, I’ve had the pleasure of working on assignment in 43 different countries these pass four decades. Working in these countries taught me a lot of things, especially when it comes to travel photography, and so today I’ll share... read more

Get Creative, Eliminate The Brain Fart

So you want to shoot a little bit of photography, but your creative mind draws a blank, you can’t think what you want to capture. It’s easy to say I’m going to photograph a model, but what will you do once that model is in front of your camera? How do you light it?... read more

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Fine Art Photography, Photos, A Father And His Daughter

Americano Dream is about spreading the gospel of photography through the father/daughter team of professional photographers Rolando and Stephanie Gomez. Follow them as they build their fine art photography galleries for collectors and connoisseurs, plus enjoy their photos of their visual journey through photography. Their photography collection features shades of fashion, editorial and limited, fine-art nudes, archival-quality photos and more.

Stephanie and Rolando, besides their photography services, also offer photography workshops and guided photography travel adventures. Join them, learn and improve your photography.  Follow our blog on Bloglovin.

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